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Welcome to Super animal farm!

Super animal farm is a core location in Super Animal World and is located directly south of S.A.W. Bamboo Resort. It is home to many attractions such as; the Super Milk Bar, Super Animal Barn, where Donk Patrick used to tell stories in, Lab to Table, and Catch a Super Pig! There are many houses, and buildings in this area, making it a prime spot for players to land, and grab high tier loot. This location is a hot drop for players to land here, and players should expect enemies in the area when landing here. There are many entrances/exits in and out of Super animal farm and the fences on the northern side of the farm can be broken, and can give players more points of entry into the farm as well as a quick escape route, if need be. In the center of the farm, lies the Super Animal Barn, the largest building on the farm, that has 4 points of entry/exits into and out of the barn. The barn can provide players with high tier loot, and with a secret area located nearby, players have more options for areas to look for loot. There are also many Crates to break in the barn for players to get more Pickups. Many houses and other buildings such as the Super Milk Bar (located on the southern part of Super animal farm), have only 2 points of entry/exits, are more confined to fight in, but can still yield high tier loot for players. Tall grass is located around the farm typically around Scarecrows and at the north, south, and east parts of Super animal farm for players to get more Pickups. There are also Campfires located around the area for players to heal if they're low on health.

This is the only location in the game players can find Scarecrows required for Super Milestones. There are many secrets, and easter eggs in this location for players to discover in this location such as, a secret area, milestone specific tasks, and some pictures of various NPC's near the eastern exit/entrance into/out of the Super Animal Barn!

Super animal farm on the map


Clothes suit navy-resources.assets-3673.png

Donk's Suit

How to get Donk's Suit
Written instructions:
Leave a banana offering in the Basket in Donk's Storytime area of the Super animal farm.

Hat military rebellion-resources.assets-2686.png

Cheese Goudara's Beret

How to get Cheese Goudara's Beret
Written instructions:
Find the hidden Super Animal Super Resistance Hideout by stepping on the hidden pressure plate (near Donk's Storytime) in the Super animal farm.

Hat straw-resources.assets-364.png

Straw Hat

How to get the Straw Hat
Written instructions:
Break 1 Scarecrow in the Super animal farm.

Clothes scarecrow-resources.assets-222.png

Scarecrow Outfit]

How to get the Scarecrow Outfit
Written instructions:
Break 10 Scarecrow's in the Super animal farm.