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Giant Emus are large, 2 person rideable animals found in the game that allow players to travel faster and do damage to other players and objects.


Emu damage states.png
From left to right, stages of Emu damage
  • Emus travel faster than Super Animals but slower than Hamster Balls, unless jockeyed by a second rider.
  • Players can use Emus to melee attack players/certain objects. Attacks will do 45 points of damage (peck ability also goes through armor)
  • The front rider controls the Giant Emu and it's peck attack, while the back rider uses a jockey whip to trigger a speed boost.
  • Each emu has a total health of 150 points, and will change visual state as they take damage. Players can heal their Emus by using a campfire.
  • Giant Emus will absorb most damage for the player, but explosions and Skunk Gas will still harm each rider.
  • Giant Emus can be found in forests and will roam short distances when they don't have a rider.

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  • Giant Emus were first teased by a special episode of SAR Tonight
  • 0.93.0 Giant Emus were added to the game
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