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Version 1.1 begann das Super Howloween 2021 Event. Das Update fügte einen neuen Spielmodus hinzu, The Bwoking Dead, zwei neue Super Animals, 8 neue Event-Items, mehrere neue S.A.W Shop Items, Karten Update für das SMOMA und einen neuen Ort, Pixile Hafen, welcher die S.A.W. Werft ersetzt.

Super Howloween 2021 promo artwork
Veröffentlichungsdatum 19 October 2021[1]
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  • Beginning of the Super Howloween 2021 event with 8 new event cosmetics, and 19 returning Legacy cosmetics.
  • Two new super animals; Super Calavera Skullcat and Super Night Mare.
  • New rotating game mode, The Bwoking Dead infection style game mode.
  • Several new S.A.W Shop items.
  • New location; Pixile Port to replace S.A.W. Shipyards.
  • Updated SMOMA to include the top finalists and winner pieces on display of the Super Fanart Contest #3.


  • S.A.W. Shipyards replaced by Pixile Port.
  • In battle royale styled game modes, the final gas circle warning time increased to 12s (from 10s), and final circle close time from 8s to 12s.
  • Controller users can press the play/ready button more easily, using a controller button rather than having to manually navigate to it.
  • High Ping Mode activates faster for ping spikes, triggering after 2 spikes rather than 3.
  • Delivery Mole icon displays for up to 60 seconds or until it has been looted by another player.
  • Bow & Sparrow charge time lowered from 0.633s to 0.5s. Projectile speed has been increased from 175 to 178 for uncommon bows and from 180 to 182 for rare bows.
  • Sparrow tracking time has been increased: from 5.5s to 6s for uncommon bows, from 6s to 7s rare bows.
  • Sparrow Launcher tracking has also been boosted from 7s to 10s for epic rarity and from 10s to 12s for legendary versions.
  • Dogna's Dart Gun projectile speed has been increased from 136 to 140 for uncommon rarity, and 139 to 143 for rare rarity.
  • AK’s recoil pattern has slightly changed with more variation between the 3rd and 4th shot (from +4 degrees down to -1 degrees now).
  • AK's spawn weight was reduced in non-solo game modes from 33 to 27, and spawn weight in Rebel Caches from 10 to 8.
  • S.A.W. Impossible Tape now repairs a maximum of one tick of Armor rather than 2.
  • Claw Boots provides 2.5X more loot from cutting Tall grass (up from 2X). Creeping while having these equipped, can also now avoid the player from cutting grass.


  • Fixed Gravestones appearing a bit squished horizontally in game.
  • Fixed a bug where Mini Animal Petspets would appear incorrectly over top of objects sometimes.
  • Players can no longer be pushed by other players or giant emus while capturing a flag in S.A.W. vs Rebellion.
  • Translation fixes.


Cover Art Update "Super Howloween 2021"


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