Super Animal Royale Wiki

Super Challenges UI on the Main Menu.

Super Challenges are given to the player every day and week, rewarding them with XP (Experience Points). XP earned by completing any challenge also goes towards any current tiers of any Super Animal Passes the player may be working on upon completion of a challenge. The challenge types are varied and depending on the challenge - give different amounts of XP. At 00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), two new Daily Super Challenges are given to the player (three Weekly Super Challenges if it is Tuesday). All players will always have the same Weekly Challenges as one another, but will have varying Daily Challenges.

Daily Challenge Requirements[]

Daily Challenge Requirements
Challenge Name Einfach
Mache Kills 6 12
Mache Maschienengewehr-Kills Gun-ak grey.png Gun-m16 grey.png 4 8 12
Mache Pistolen-Kills Gun-pistol grey.png Dual Pistols.png Gun-silenced-pistol grey.png Gun-magnum grey.png Gun deagle grey.png 2 4 6
Mache Scharfschützengewehr-Kills Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277.png Gun-sniper grey.png 2 4 6
Mache Schrotflinten-Kills Gun-shotgun grey.png Gun jag7.png 2 4 6
Mache SMG-Kills Gun-smg grey.png Gun-thomas gun grey.png 3 6 9
Mache Hamsterball-Kills Icon Hamster Ball.png 1 2
Mache Granaten-Kills Grenade-new.png Skunk bombUI.png 2 4 6
Mache Nahkampf-Kills Icon Melee.png 1 2
Mache Bogen-Kills Bow & Sparrow.png Gun crossbow default.png 2 4 6
Schneide Gras Tallgrass-wheat.png 400
Trinke Lebensnektar Healthjuice level 3.png 200 400
Iss Kokosnüsse Coconut.png 30 60
Iss Pilze Mushroom.png 40 70 ???
Benutze Lagerfeuer Campfire.png 2 4
Lass Gegner auf Bananen ausrutschen BananaUI.png 1 2 3
Break Destructibles Crate-wooden.png Barrel-explosive.png 100 200
Play Matches 3 6 9
Get Top Placement in Any Mode 1 2 3
Dogna's Dart Gun Damage Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png 250 500
Get Skunk Bomb Damage Skunk bombUI.png 120 240
Use Super Tape Duct-Tape.png 5 10
Skate on Ice (Meters) 350 500
Open Giant Giant Clams Clam closed.png 5

Note: Get Automatic Rifle Kills includes the M16 and AK; Get Pistol Kills includes the Pistol, Magnum, Deagle, and Silenced Pistol; and Get Grenade Kills includes Grenades and Skunk Bombs.

Weekly Challenge Requirements[]

Weekly Challenge Requirements
Challenge Name Required XP Reward
Get Kills 75 2800
Open Mole Crates UnopenedCrate.png 8 2500
Break Enemy Armor Broken bodyarmor level 1.png 90 2500
Play Matches 25 2200
Get Hunting Rifle Kills Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277.png 8 2500
Break Explosive Barrels Barrel-explosive.png 30 2500
Deal Damage 8000 2500
Get Kills with an Emu Emu idle 000.png 4 2500
Open Rebel Caches Crate.png 60 2500
Get Top Placement in Any Mode 8 2800
Equip a Powerup in a Match Attach-clawshoes.png Attach-banancharm.png Attach-ninjashoes.png Attach-poisonvial.png Attach-enchancedjuice.png 15 2200
Get Magnum Kills Gun-magnum grey.png 15 2500
Get AK Kills Gun-ak grey.png 30 2500
Pick up Legendary Weapons 12 2200
Drive a Hamster Ball (Meters) Icon Hamster Ball.png 4000 2200
Get a Kill Within 10s of Landing 1 2500
Dogna's Dart Gun Damage Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png 1500 2200
Eat Mushrooms Mushroom.png 250 2200