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A Rebel Cache crate.

A Rebel Cache crate.

Rebel Caches are special crates that appear around the Map. When opened, they drop rare or epic weapons and ammo or level 3 armor, and either Super Tape or Health Juice. They function very similarly to a Mole crate as both make a sound when players are close to them, and have a flashing light on top of them.

Rebel crate[]

The Rebel Crate can be opened to reveal a set of 1 random item out of the following (There is a small chance to crate 10 Bananas):


Datei:SAR RebelCrateSirenLOOP.wav

Rebel Cache siren sound


  • Pinging the Rebel Caches will show on minimap as Mole Crate instead.
  • Rebel Caches have a very, very low (1 in 300) chance of only containing 10 Bananas when opened.