Super Animal Royale Wiki
Maximaler Schaden 150
Damage Radius 31 SAU
Durschschlagskraft 3
Schaden an Hamsterball 3/3
Spawn ratio 9.76%
Maximum Carried 4 (5 with Bandolier)
Lärm 110 SAU
Laufgeschwindigkeit 110%
Laufgeschwindigkeit (schlagen) 80%

Char-fox.png Super Fox throwing Grenades.

Grenade is an explosive weapon that can deal damage to multiple opponents contained within its blast radius. They can be found on the ground or in abandoned buildings. A player may hold up to 4 at any time, and cannot carry a different throwable while in possession of grenades. Grenades can be thrown over some obstacles that block line-of-sight. Similarly to Skunk Bombs, when used in Duos or Squads mode, grenades will only damage the thrower, banana peels on the ground, and hostile Animals.


A single grenade can deal up to 150 damage and ignores armor, meaning a single grenade can kill a player in one hit. The grenade deals damage in range of 32 SAU. The amount of damage varies depending on distance from the center of explosion. If the line between the center and an Animal must pass through short or tall objects (like barrels or walls), damage is reduced by bigger amounts. A player's armor is stripped completely if a grenade does 20 or more damage to them.

An exploding grenade can be heard from a range of 110 SAU.

Super Milestone Rewards[]

Hauptartikel: Super Milestones

One outfit can be unlocked by reaching a milestone of grenade kills.

Clothes tshirt grenade.png

Grenade Tee
5 Grenade Kills


Sound of the grenade being equipped.

Sound of the grenade exploding.

Sound of the grenade being thrown, variation 1.

(SAR Language Translation: "Bombs Away!")

Sound of the grenade being thrown, variation 2.

(SAR Language Translation: "Fire In The Hole!")

Sound of the grenade being thrown, variation 3.

Patch History[]


  • Maximum grenades held reduced from 5 to 4


  • Bugfix for grenades warping out of some unwalkable areas like the Bamboo Resort pond


  • Damage through walls reduced
  • Bugfix for Grenade explosion particles being affected by some death animations


  • Expanded grenade explosion visual effect slightly


  • Now auto-pickup if you already have one, or have none
    • To switch between bananas and grenades you’ll still need to hit E.


  • Grenades now have a sound effect for when they hit the ground


  • Fixed grenades and explosions not showing the hit effect on animals


  • Fix for grenades/bananas getting stuck when thrown against objects
  • Fix for grenades going through concrete walls


  • Fix for being downed while grenade throwing causing controls to stop working upon revival


  • Grenades and barrel explosions now destroy bananas


  • Fix for grenades not working if you picked up another one while throwing
  • Grenades in packs of 3+ now reflect that visually